Whether your developing a Multi-Million dollar site or simply wish to release your owner occupier home from a long standing commercial loan, we will find the most competitive solution for you.

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Full Document Loans

Full Document Loans provide the most competitive rates and fees in the market due to the requirements needed to qualify for these type of loans.

Low Document Loans

These type of loans are designed for borrowers who don’t have their current financials completed but can demonstrate serviceability through their accountant and / or self-certification of income.

Development & Construction Finance

At Action Loans we have options to provide funding for most requirements. As development funding has become increasingly difficult in the past years, each project will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Self-Managed Super Fund Loans (SMSF)

In 2007 amendments were made to the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act (SIS). A person / Applicant can borrow against the super fund for the purchase of an investment property (Must be Income producing) The super fund will allow you to access certain funds from your super balance to facilitate the purchase of an investment property. One of the benefits with a SMSF loan is that there is “limited recourse” meaning the SMSF lender cannot touch any of the SMSF assets other than the property held as security. In other words if an applicant defaults , their superannuation balance and other assets are protected as the SMSF loan is only limited to the security of the investment property.