It’s no secret that self-employed businesses play a big part in supporting Australia’s economy. Yet many lenders make it difficult for self-employed applicants to obtain home loans. At Action Loans, we understand these difficulties and can offer tailored loans to suit any situation. We think outside the box and can suggest alternative solutions to verifying income.

Full Doc Self Employed Loans

The process for self employed applicants is generally more complex than a person who is employed by a business as a PAYG salary or wage earner. The reasons for this are numerous, but the bottom line is that self employed individuals are responsible for generating their own income and need to be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to create ongoing income stream and employment to service the proposed commitment.

For those self employed applicants that are able to provide tax returns & financials for their business and personal, normal bank qualifying criteria may apply. With up to date financials a self employed person has access to the full range of home loan products at competitive rates from most lenders. Importantly for the best possible chance to get an approval the first time, the application needs to be professionally submitted. As different lenders have different policies and criteria with application submissions, it’s crucial you engage an Accredited Mortgage advisor to do the job right the first time.

Low Doc Loans

If you are self employed and don’t have your tax returns / financials up to date or your unable to prove your current income, then a Low Document Loan may be what you need. Low Doc home loans are a great alternative for the self employed who have irregular income, cash flow and assets but are unable to provide evidence through traditional means. You may have already experienced that applying for a Low Doc Loan can be difficult and quite specialised as all Lenders differ in policies, document requirements and interest rates. It is important to the success of the application to clearly understand how to professionally package the finance proposal giving you the best chance to get an approval the first time.

At Action Loans we have access to Low Document funders that are happy to evaluate your finance proposal offering reasonable rates and flexible conditions. At Action Loans where experts when it comes to self employed loan applications, we know what the banks want and don’t like.

We will navigate the application process from start through to settlement, allowing you to get on with running your business. You will feel less stressed and hassle-free knowing that your finance application is managed by a PROFFESSIONAL MORTGAGE advisor.