Are Debts Weighing You Down? Action Loans can dramatically drop your monthly repayments by consolidating debt into your mortgage.

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If you are one of many Australians that’s struggling with unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans, car loans, and other daunting debts, Consolidating into your mortgage is a great option.

Consider these benefits when consolidating debt into your mortgage:

  • The interest rate will be lower potentially saving thousands on interest.
  • Free up cash for other purposes or pay extra on your mortgage.
  • Rather than juggling multiple payments per month, you have only one payment.
  • You pay less loan fees and charges as you pay fees for one Loan only.
  • You can become debt-free sooner and improve your credit rating.
  • In addition as part of the debt consolidation process, Action Loans will also review your current mortgage and alert you if there are better rates and products available, saving you thousands $$$$ on your mortgage.

Consolidating debts into your mortgage is an excellent way to regain control of one’s finances, being successful requires a disciplined mindset. Consumers must budget carefully and curb unnecessary spending to avoid falling deeper in debt and losing everything, including the home. With good management, debt consolidation can be the right choice for many Australian home owners.

Consolidating debt into the mortgage is effective but may not suit everyone’s financial circumstances as potential costs may be involved.The costs will vary depending on how you choose to consolidate debt. It’s important to weigh up any costs against the potential savings to determine if debt consolidation will put you ahead financially. We recommend you talk to a trusted mortgage advisor before considering consolidation.